Courtney Cauthon  |  Breakout Session

Courtney will be presenting with Angela Astle in a roundtable style breakout session entitled, "The Status of Women in Theatre in the Rocky Mountain Region". This past year the Dramatist Guild and the Lilly Awards provided us with a great resource in their publication of "The Count", a survey of who, based on gender and race, is getting produced in American Theatres. While "The Count" gives us a broad picture of the state of women playwrights in American Theatre, it does not fully capture what is happening within distinct geographical regions.

Athena Project is excited to be conducting a survey of the theatres across the Rocky Mountain Region in order to provide us with a clearer picture of the state of women in theatre in the Rocky Mountain Region. By including within our criteria the smaller theatres that thrive in our communities and also taking into consideration the leadership roles that women play within our theatre communities, Athena Project's survey will provide metadata to use in conjunction with the data collected by national surveys.

Athena Project will present the findings of their survey during this breakout session. Additionally, Athena Project will lead a discussion around practical steps to creating more equal representation of women within the regional communities - the goal being the establishment of "best practices" and recommendations that can be put to use locally. 

About Courtney

Courtney Cauthon is the Special Projects Coordinator for Athena Project and has worked as the lead researcher for the study of The Status of Women in Theatre in the Rocky Mountain Region. Courtney has a PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies from the University of Toronto. She has taught theatre at the Community College of Aurora, the University of Toronto and at the Denver Centre Theatre Academy. Courtney has also been a lecturer in Women and Gender Studies at the University of Toronto. She is excited to be working with Athena Project where she can bring together her love of theatre and her desire for a more equitable world.