Being confident in our bodies is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and each other. How often do you feel self-conscious? In a culture (and often a business) that places tremendous importance on image, how is it possible to not only embrace your unique physical presence, but to celebrate it? And how do we use that new love in our work as artists and as people? During this movement-based workshop entitled, "Empower Your Creative Self", Shannon Ferrante joins Erika Haaland to guide participants through exercises that strengthen the individual's physical and creative capabilities while also demonstrating the importance of body specificity and awareness in ensemble theatre work. This session will open and close with a guided meditation centered on body positivity and creative freedom. Come ready to participate in a full body warm-up followed by physical theatre-based exercises influenced by a combination of Contact Improvisation and The Loui Movement Technique. #moveyourbody

  The Creative Wellness Team: Michelle Maurer, Erika Haaland, Alison Plott & Shannon Ferrante.

The Creative Wellness Team: Michelle Maurer, Erika Haaland, Alison Plott & Shannon Ferrante.


At Creative Wellness, our instructors travel to offices of all kinds and teach 30-60 minute Yoga & Guided Medication sessions. We also teach physical theatre classes all over the Chicagoland area. The four women who run the business have backgrounds in theatre and are huge supporters of the arts. The knowledge they have gained of their own bodies through physical theatre work and the life-changing effect it continues to have on their health and happiness motivated them to start a company dedicated to sharing that knowledge. Creative Wellness offers everything from in-office desk yoga to advanced Contact Improvisation, so weather you're an employee at a 9-5 looking for in-office wellness or a theatre artist looking to find new body awareness and specificity, they have something for you. Currently, as an all-female business, Creative Wellness is especially dedicated to empowering and celebrating women and their champions in every and any way that they can. 

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