Sasha Fisher  |  Breakout Session

Even the most ardent of feminists has an Inner Patriarch. And despite how we might push for equality in the world, this powerful force operating from the hidden depths of our psyches still whispers to us from within, undermining our sense of true freedom, empowerment and expression. It's particularly prominent for women who work in theatre.

From the time of Restoration, acting and performing were connected with prostitution. The image of the actress as prostitute has haunted our profession since women first stepped onto the stage. We rarely even use the word "actress" any more - female performers refer to themselves routinely as "actors", as if the word itself commands more respect. This force is determined to hold us to the narrow pathways of expression deemed appropriate by the dominant culture, and to keep that status quo in place.

How can we work with this powerful inner force that exists across all genders? Through exercises, embodiment and discussion, this workshop will explore ways to connect with our own Inner Patriarch, to become aware of this patriarchal aspect of our own nature, and to learn how to separate from these unconscious rules and judgments so that we can be better prepared to fully support the unique perspective of the feminine, and take action that can equalize the dynamic force of all genders and their contribution to theatre. 

About Sasha

Sasha Fisher trained as an actress at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) in her native London, and is an Associate and Licentiate of LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art). She joined British Actor's Equity Association in 1987 and is currently a member of the RADA Network of the Americas. Her work on stage and screen spans everything from Shakespeare to the Sundance Film Festival. In addition to BBC TV drama and Thames Television series, she has worked extensively in British Theatre including London's West End and fringe theatres. She has twice earned London's TimeOut Critics' Choice Award. She has been leading Inner Patriarch workshops in the US since 1996, and has expanded her work to reach middle and high school girls, and university students. 

In 2012 Vogue Magazine published her observations of the generational baton passed between women, and the progress therein. She teaches and directs theatre in the youth program at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, where she also facilitates the Theatre Salon, an adult audience discussion group that studies the plays produced at the Center, and a Mother-Daughter book club for middle school girls focusing on gender stereotyping and leadership. She leads workshops in schools around the Denver Metro area in theatre, myth, Shakespeare and archetype.