Jenny Hatch  |  Working Breakfast Facilitator

This year, Statera Conference programming will include "working breakfasts" where attendees can choose to share a meal with a group of people interested in a focused conversation surrounding a certain topic. During this working breakfast, facilitator Jenny Hatch will explore the many issues mothers face when attempting to balance life on the stage with nurturing babies and toddlers. Conversation will focus on prevention of post partum depression, breastfeeding, childcare options and more. 

About Jenny

Jenny hatch wears many hats: proud mother of five, homeschooler, writer, blogger, multi media expert, birth and education activist, actor, director and singer. She runs a vocal studio for musical theatre students and also serves on the board of directors for the Neil Simon Festival (NSF) in Cedar City, Utah, for which she also writes their blog content and oversees social media. Last year she was entertainment director for the Neil Simon Players. Currently Jenny works as the Utah Regional Editor for The Shakespeare Standard.