Cailey Kalmbach  |  Working Breakfast Facilitator

This year, Statera Conference programming will include "working breakfasts" where attendees can choose to share a meal with a group of people interested in a focused conversation surrounding a certain topic. During this working breakfast, facilitator Caylie Kalmbach will explore the pressures that women who are new to the profession face when attempting to build a body of work.

Thoughts from Caylie: I wish someone told me when I first graduated that I was about to face a world of contradictions. I wasn't naive in my recognition that hard work and perseverance was necessary. But soon, I realized that almost all of the casting notices I went in for were unnamed girls, girls with certain body builds, girls that were 'hot', girls that were 'smart but pretty but quiet but wild'. I faced countless auditions like these and worked too many of these jobs all in the name of "experience". I learned that young professionals are afraid to reject exploitative projects because we're told that 'denying opportunity' means less of a career. 

About Caylie

Caylie Kalmbach is a Colorado native and graduate of the University of Northern Colorado. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California where she advocates for diversity within the Los Angeles film community as both an actress and a writer. She uses her experience as an international model to speak out against the sexual exploitation of young women in Hollywood and works to empower and support marginalized communities through the art of film.