Lara Maerz  |  Breakout Session

Being a female stage manager is common, but not easy. When men exert assertiveness, they are labeled as assertive. Assertive women, however, are often labeled as aggressive. During this breakout session entitled, "Female Stage Managers: Be Liked or Be Good at Your Job", Lara Maerz will discuss how female stage managers can do their jobs with respectful authority. Its possible to be good at your job and also be well liked. But what happens if you can only choose to be assertive or well liked? How to you choose/find balance? 

About Lara

Lara holds a BFA from Texas Christian University and an MFA in Stage and Production Management from University Missouri Kansas City. She worked as an AEA stage manager for 15 years and is currently the production manager for The Edge Theatre in Lakewood, Colorado. Lara still freelances as a stage manager.