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William Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor


March 8

8:30 pm - 10:30 pm


Cone Man Running Productions in Association with Queensbury Theatre
present a Boiling Point Players production of

An all-female version of
William Shakespeare’s
The Merry Wives of Windsor
Directed by Christine Weems

Please park in the adjacent garage. Parking ticket will be validated.

Falstaff. Seduction. Cuckolds. Young Love. Schemes. So many schemes…

The greedy Falstaff aims to seduce two wealthy married women in the hopes of getting his hands on their fortunes. However, numerous townspeople are quick to interfere by means of lust, jealousy and revenge. With plots abounding, this comedy ventures into the timeless themes of scheming and young love.

Mistress Ford: Annie Wild
Mistress Page: Renata Smith
Falstaff: Autumn Clack
Ford: Ruth McCleskey
Page: Hannah Thalenberg
Sir Hugh Evans: Rachel Brownhill
Dr. Caius: Esme LeJeune
Anne Page/Robin: Ally Oliphant
Fenton: Megan Nix
Slender: Kacie Adams
Shallow: Lynn Johnson Ruthrauff
Mistress Quickly: Yunina Barbour-Payne
Nim: Shanon Adame
Pistol: Melissa Huckabay
Host: Alice Rhoades
Simple/John: Stephanie Kelso
Rugby/Robert: Rebecca Bernstein

Venue: Queensbury Theatre

12777 Queensbury Ln
Houston, TX 77024