Emily Qualey  |  Breakout Session

What does it mean to be a young feminist in Los Angeles? Emily Qualey, a 23-year-old actor working in L.A., will facilitate a lively discussion about identity, feminism and L.A.'s hyper-sexualized film industry. Her discussion will include some telling statistics from a recently released USC study on gender disparity in film, but the ultimate focus of this round-table style discussion will be in processing the information as a group. Emily will speak to her own experiences in the industry in hopes of sparking a larger conversation from participants of the workshop.

About Emily

Emily Qualey, a Las Vegas native and graduate of the University of Northern Colorado, is currently pursuing an acting career in Los Angeles, California. While at UNC, she became heavily involved with the Women's Resource Center where she performed in and eventually directed The Vagina Monologues for three consecutive years.

Thoughts from Emily:

This meeting point of feminism and theatre helped me to cultivate my understanding of feminism. Instead of being exhausted by the disparities I've seen and experienced, I now see pathways to dismantling our hegemonic societal structures. I enjoy (sometimes more than acting) discussing how we got here, where to go from here, and what needs doing along the way. There is strength in numbers and there is strength in understanding. And I believe that the conversation is sometimes the most important part of the equation.