Jessica Renae  |  Plenary Session

Session: Intimacy Directors - Creativity and Consent

Intimacy Direction is both a movement to create safer spaces in the theatre and a movement practice that allows actors to create beautiful stories of intimacy that are both visually effective, emotionally and physically safe, and repeatable night after night. In conjunction with Intimacy Directors International, a leading organization in this field, this workshop will look at how actors can take an active role in creating a culture of consent in the field. Please be prepared to be on your feet for portions of this workshop. Nothing more intimate than a hug will be asked of participants, and no physical contact will ever be mandatory.  Kymberly Mellen and Shelby Allison Hibbs will join Jessica for a post session discussion. 


About Jessica

Jessica Renae is the Executive Assistant and an Apprentice at Intimacy Directors International. She is currently a PhD student at the University of Illinois studying Intimacy and Consent on Stage. Her research began with a focus on issues of consent in improv comedy with specific attention paid to improv training centers in Chicago, and has grown to include staged theatre, dance, and film.