Emily Rollie  |  Breakout Session

Join Emily for a dynamic panel discussion entitled, "Wonder Women of the Stage: Researching Gender, Power, and Identity in the Work of Women Theatre Directors".  In 2014, Dr. Emily Rollie and a group of undergraduate women student-researchers began interviewing women in Chicago theatre. While gender parity initiatives such as 50/50 by 2020 and the recent Women's Voices Theatre Festival in Washington D.C. have brought increased attention to women's work, quantitative studies of gender parity in the theatre reveal that the number of women directing on major regional and professional stages hovers around 25%. During this session, Rollie and her students will share their initial findings about the lived experience of women theatre artists and the associated implications regarding gender parity that these findings reveal - both for Chicago and national stages. The group will also place the Chicago conversation within a larger North American context by sharing her other research about Canadian women stage directors. 

About Emily

Emily A. Rollie is a freelance director and an assistant professor of theatre. She received her Master's degree in theatre from Central Washington University and her PhD in theatre from the University of Missouri. Her primary research interests are women and feminist theatre, contemporary Canadian theatre, theatre for social change, and transnational feminist theory. She teaches courses in directing, acting, dramatic literature, children's theatre, and gender studies. She is also the former artistic director of Independent Actors Theatre, a "purposefully nomadic" theatre company best known for its annual short Women's Play Festival (the plays are short, not the women!), which provides opportunities for emerging women playwrights from around the country (and of any height) to see their new 10 minute plays staged. In addition to her role as a theatre artist, teacher, and scholar, Emily is also a yoga instructor and distance runner. Her students and co-presenters are undergraduates of junior and senior standing at Monmouth College.