Yusef Seevers  |  Statera Ambassador

Statera Ambassadors are theatre-makers with big ideas! They are Statera's creative brain trust - an official team of friends and allies using social media platforms to share Statera-related news and strengthen our grassroots movement for gender parity in the theatre. You may also find our Ambassadors authoring posts on the Statera Blog


About Yusef

Peace and Love! Yusef, a proud Detroit native, is extremely grateful to be joining Statera Foundation this year. Yusef grew up in the culture of West African dance, studying rhythms from Senegal, Congo, Gunea, Gambia, Mali, Zimbabwe. His passions took him to Santa Fe, NM where he studied Musical Theater and vocal performance. While in Santa Fe, he continued teaching all styles of dance. Yusef is currently a 2018 candidate for a M.F.A. in Acting from Southern Methodist University.

A Note from Yusef - "Statera Foundation's work for social justice in the theatre is the perfect companion for my life’s passion in human healing. I will be representing my company B. A. E. I. ( Body Awareness and Emotional Intelligence), which is my vehicle for facilitating discussions and workshops based on transmuting trauma through the arts. My goal is to facilitate change through deep physical exploration of emotions and breath work."