Omehra Sigahne  |  Breakout Session

Omehra joins Christine Jugueta, Lizae Reyes, and Letecia Layson for a session called "The Red Thread:  Sacred theatre, Indigenous Wisdom, and the Goddess Movement as Tools for Shifting the Leadership Paradigm"

About this session: Following the ideal of change as a process that begins with us/within, this session makes distinctions between different styles of leadership and looks at ways to transform our thinking around it. Through simple and soulful sharing and meditations on the inherent leadership of the earth, this workshop will guide participants in weaving a tapestry for a new possibility.  If you are looking for ways to transcend the battles (even if only occasionally) that occur in our communities of leadership, this workshop is for you.  


About Omehra

Omehra Sigahne (aka Perla Paredes Daly) is a feminist, artist, visual communications designer, creativity coach, spiritual mentor and cultural activist. She collaborates with artists, healers and other feminist and indigenous activists around the world. She created the first online community for and by Filipinas in 1998, co-founded the Center for Babaylan Studies (which honors the indigenous wisdom of the Philippines) and has chaired the Filipino American Women’s Network conference. She has contributed to the anthologies “Pinay Power: Theorizing the Filipina/American Experience” and “Back from the Crocodile’s Belly”, discussing Filipina cyber-feminism, ethno-gender-activism and art as a tool for decolonization. She also publishes “” for Filipina women around the world, “Baybayin Alive” to help people understand ancient Philippine writing as a tool for decolonization and exploring Filipino identity, and blogs at “BagongPinay” on shifting and transforming consciousness, weaving together new and ancient traditions. She is most widely known for her contemplative artistry through her creation of the Babaylan Mandala and is currently developing a book and media campaign to help expand Filipino consciousness. Omehra is also the proud and loving mother of three young men.